Thursday, January 3, 2013

December Favorites

I think its ironic that the first favorites post of mine is one for the last month of the year. I have thought about doing just a 2012 favorites for the whole year, but I thought it would be nicer to separate them and have one for December and one for 2012.

For this post, I will be including products that I have loved this merry month of December. There is no category, actually, my favorites range from beauty to the most random stuff. :)

Let's get on with the first set...

First of what I am digging this month is my discovery of the Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Conditioner, which is (obviously) conditioner for curly hair. I just had mine permed last November and this is the first conditioner I tried that made me happy. It smells super good, lathers well, and keeps my locks soft and healthy throughout the day. It is also very affordable at 220 Php (approx). I bought this at Landmark Trinoma and I was searching for the shampoo version of this conditioner which apparently they didn't have. If you know what other stores carry this brand, please do tell me in the comments below because I would love to have the totally twisted shampoo, too!

Johnson's Baby Lotion in Milk: This had been my favorite lotion for this month because it is very fuss free and practical. It is probably the lightest lotion that I've tried to date and I just love how easy it is to lather on my body. It keeps my skin soft and it has a nice powdery smell that I like. 

Syoss Airy Curl Cream: which retails for only 120 Php and you get a fairly big tub of effective curl cream that gives hair life and shine that lasts throughout the day. Here's a closer look:

It is a rich thick cream that surprisingly doesn't feel heavy on my hair. I take a one peso sized dollop into my hands, rub them together, and then apply evenly to my hair. I twist my curls in section, and then apply a little bit more on the ends because that's where it easily gets dry for me. With that, I can go on my day not worrying if my hair was all right because I was sure they'd be soft and shiny til the end of my day. I don't need to go to the bathroom to re-apply hair creams anymore. Another plus of this product (for me, at least) is that it has a very nice smell that lasts on your hair for about 2-3 hours :) 

The next set is filled with make-up and skin care products.

Maybelline Magnum Mascara: This is actually the first mascara that I owned which I purchased during Maybellline's December sale for 290 Php (I think). I wanted first and foremost a volumizing mascara because I am already happy with the length of my lashes and want I am aiming for is that they'd look fuller. I think this product, albeit being primarily for volume, actually lengthens lashes pretty well too. 

Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal Toner: This comes from a trial pack that I received from Yves Rocher that includes the cleanser, toner and moisturizer of their newest skin care line. I like this toner because it gives my face a perfect state of moist for my moisturizer to easily be applied to my skin. I am not sure if I'm getting my point across, haha. But what I mean is that sometimes I hate it when I have trouble applying my moisturizer because my toner either overly wets my face or leaves it as dry as when I washed with cleanser and this toner gives me the just-between of this two scenarios, which is ideal for me. 

Etude House Happy Teatime Cleansing Cream in Milk Tea: I have already reviewed this product here. You can check it out if you are interested :) But mainly I love this product because I am a fan of how it makes my skin soft and smooth to the touch after cleansing, and its scent is pretty relaxing to me which is perfect because I use this mainly at night.

Herbench Pretty When Pinched Cheek Tint: As with the cleansing cream, I have reviewed this product here, so do check it out if you want a more detailed look at this product. The main thing that I loved about it is the natural flush it gives my cheeks that lasts all day! 

Clean and Clear Oil Control Film: I can't believe it is only this month that I discovered these! These sheets save my face from powder overload. When I get oily, I only need to pat my face with these and I look fresh-faced again. Bye bye to clogged pored brought about by layering powder on every time I get oily! 

Snoe Hard Candy Lip Color Trio: I like this product because it is handy, easy to tote around, and comes with three colors in that tiny package. The color payoff is quite good for all three colors and they last a fair amount of time (4 hours, maybe). I have a review coming up of this product with proper swatches so do watch out for that! 

Finally, the last set includes just random stuff that have made me a happy girl this December.

My Belle De Jour 2013 Planner: I have been using BDJ religiously since 2009, and it is still the planner of choice for me. I love how spacious it is that I am never running out of spaces to write on no matter how crazy my schedule gets! I love personalizing my planner by putting collages, pictures, and stickers in it. It is also a plus that it comes with great coupons, monthly articles and that it is really, really girly and pretty. What can I say, I have been in a long term relationship with it for 4 years :)

This month I've also been into accessories, especially rings! Every time I go to the mall this month, I always end up spending time looking at accessories and wanting so much of them. This photo is actually from an accessories haul I did last month, you can check it out here. In high school, I used to love accessorizing and now I have rediscovered them. :)

My last favorite product for this month is this Audrey Hepburn Tumbler that I got off an online store. I admire Audrey Hepburn and this tumbler serves as a daily reminder for me to always remain well-mannered, maintain poise, and exude classic elegance in this modern world. :)

What about you, what rocked your merry boat last December? :)

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  1. I just bought the totally twisted conditioner in landmark makati. :)
    I hear Rustan's carries it as well.