Friday, December 28, 2012

Product Review: Etude House Cleansing Milk

What: Etude House Happy Teatime Cleansing Cream in Milk Tea
Price: Approx. Php 200.00
Bought: Etude House, The Block

For a long time, I have been wanting to try out Pond's Cold Cream to remove the slight everyday make-up that I put on to achieve a semblance of being "presentable". You don't want a gnarly pimple while seating next to your crush in class! 

So I went to the mall one day determined to get the cold cream as I have noticed my face have already started looking dull (which I assumed was because of my everyday use of makeup that I am unable to completely remove at night). However, the pink paradise that is Etude House lured me in and I found this one instead.

When I compared it to the Pond's one, it just seemed so much more practical to buy this 180 ml tub for a little less that 200 pesos, than to buy the 50 ml pond's for something around 90 pesos. If you're looking for evidence of its practicality, here's my EH Happy Teatime tub after four months of use! I think it's still more than half full :)

It comes in this cute peach tub with a dainty little teapot on the cover.

It smells like powdery heaven to me, the subtle scent disappears as you apply it to your face. Just the way I like it. Consistency is comparable to a light cream or lotion. This cream makes my face feel so soft and smooth after I use it - definitely one of the things I love about it. A little caveat for me though is that is stings a little bit on my eyes, but the sensation goes away after a few seconds so I am willing to look over that. 

There are two ways to use this cream: with water or with tissues/cotton pads. 

Here's my hand with a swatch of maybelline mascara, bench lip and cheek tint, and etude house lip product. Let's try to remove this makeup with the cleansing cream and tissues, and see how it will fare. 

With one wipe of tissue, some mascara got wiped off, the tint's got subdued and the lipstick almost completely removed.

After massaging the cleansing cream into my dry made up hand, I wiped it with tissue until all cream came  off.

Ta-da! After wiping with tissue, there is no trace of mascara and lipstick. The bench tint, as I reviewed here, has really strong staying power and is still quite evident after using the cleansing cream.

The second way of using this cream is with the use of water. Here I have in my hand some Tony Moly Shine Blusher, Nichido Eyebrow Powder and Careline Powder Blush. 

First, I run water over the makeup.

Then I massage the cream over my hand where makeup is present.

Then I rinse it off and... Ta-da! All makeup completely removed :)

Mainly, I like it because it smells good and it leaves my skin soft and smooth for a few seconds after cleansing. However, I still want to try some other cleansing products preferably something that won't sting my eyes and comes in a pump packaging.

Would I Repurchase? No, I want to try other cleansing products :)

Over-all Rating: 7/10
Packaging: 6/10 (Cute but bulky and the tub is unhygienic, I'd rather if it came with a pump or something)
Performance: 7/10 (wasn't able to remove my bench tint and stings my eyes a bit)
Price: 8/10 (you get a whole lot of product for an affordable price)

How about you? What do you use to remove makeup? :)

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