Monday, December 17, 2012

Accessories Haul

This past weekend was filled with Christmas shopping and parties for me. The good thing about it? Hauls! :) When shopping for Christmas gifts it is very hard not to find something for yourself while shuffling through shelves of products. So this is my little haul of accessories I found the past week while shopping for my friends and family. I hope you enjoy looking through it, and I hope it gives you inspiration as to what to get some of your girlfriends :)

Here's an overview of what I got

A closer look: first row

I have been loving white accessories lately mainly because I  feel that white looks very classy and beautiful on my skin tone. I have also started to love rings, so I can't wait to have more of those!

White Owl Bracelet from Forever 21
Mustache Connector Ring (Php 95)
Ribbon Ring (Php 60)
Skull Bracelet (Php 50)
Brown Ribbon + Pearl Strand Bracelet (Got it on sale for only Php 60, original price is Php 120)
all from Girlshoppe inside PopCulture Trinoma

I (obviously) enjoyed browsing through the items at the Girlshoppe stall inside PopCulture in Trinoma. They have so much cute pieces that I like. I want to go back there to buy some necklaces and more skull bracelets (they come in many colors!). If you know any good accessories place, please do tell me in the comments below. :)
A closer look: second row

This two bracelets were given to me by my bestfriend when we had our weekly date last tuesday. She said she thought of me upon seeing the tiffany blue color of this bracelet, and the gold and coral of the other one. She is not only sweet, she is also spot on. These bracelets are so me. :)
A closer look: back row

This glitter Eiffel tower came from a party I recently attended. I wish I was able to ask the hostess where to get them because it is super pretty. I have it as decoration on my desk and it is a nice touch on my antique brown table. The string of pearls hanging from it, on the other hand, is from a debut I attended (I told you, there are many parties). I think it was a very nice little something to give the lady guests.

One of the things I love about the Landmark in Trinoma is the kids accessories section where I got this adorbs pink glitter headband. Yes it is for kids, but it's super cute I couldn't leave without it. It's cheap too! I got it for only Php 35 pesos, imagine that! I was thinking of wearing it while counting down to Christmas and new year with my family. It would be my little shiny something for this year. How about you, how would you wear this headband? :)

That's all the accessories I have garnered lately and I hope you enjoy this post! Don't hesitate to leave a comment and/or suggestions, I am new at this and I know I have a lot to learn. :)

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