Friday, January 4, 2013

Best of 2012 TAG

I saw this tag being done in you tube and I thought it was fun and I wanted to do it. So here I am bringing it into the blogosphere. I tag everyone who reads this post to do the same on your blogs! :)

There's three categories: Beauty, Fashion and Random :)

1. My favorite face product of 2012
Clean and Clear Oil Control Film
I know this product had been around for a long time, but it is only this year that I got around to trying them. This changed my daily life greatly because it eliminates the need to apply powder every time my face gets oily. A few pats of this film on my face and I'm back to being fresh faced without the need to pile powder on :)

2. My favorite cheek product of 2012
Bench Pretty When Pinched Cheek Tint
I've already raved about this product here, and I had been using this every day since I got it. It is quick and easy to apply, gives a nice natural flush and stays on all day! :)

3. My favorite eye product of 2012

Nichido Eyebrow Liner Duo Kit

It's a bit messy because I do use it everyday. The lady on the counter told me that one's a powder and the other's a wax but I cannot remember which is which, but it doesn't matter because I mix the two together anyway. I find that the mix of both gives me a really nice natural eyebrow look that I think pulls any look together. I bought this the first half of 2012 though I can't remember what month exactly, and it still has a lot of product left.

4. My favorite lip product of 2012
Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm in Pomegranate

I never leave home without this! Keeps my lips moisturized and provides a nice sheen :)

5. Skincare Product

This was my moisturizer for the biggest part of 2012. I was actually surprised that it works on me because other Pond's products doesn't really. But with this, I don't get that much pimples, it cleared up my face a little bit and my face doesn't feel dull by the end of the day. It is also inexpensive and in my opinion, you get great quality for the price :)
6. Nail Polish
Photo from Google Images

I don't really do my nails on my own. I usually leave it to the capable hands of nail spa personnel, but what I loved this 2012 is the gradient nail trend that's going on. I'm not a big fan of loud colors for nail polishes, I prefer the natural neutral ones and the French tip is my favorite so I love that the gradient trend was able to breathe new zest into this classic.
7. Hair product
Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Conditioner
 I've already raved about this product here. So I'll just probably say the same thing: This is perfect for my curly locks! :)
8. My favorite body product of 2012

I'm a very practical girl and so I won't pick some fancy body product for this spot. Instead, I award the best body product of 2012 to this Vaseline lotion with SPF 24. This is a lifesaver for university students like me, who have to walk under the heat of the sun almost everyday.

9. Clothing piece 

Shorts were definitely my clothing of choice this 2012. I amassed a great number of them this year - lace, studded, printed, colored, ombre and more. I love that they came out with different styles other than the usual denim ones.

10. Accessory 
In my December favorites, I have said that rings were my accessory of choice for the latter part of the year. But for the greater first part of 2012, I got really into bracelets. I loved matching them with each other and with my outfits. So I think they deserve this spot :)
11. Pair of shoes
My nude flats! I wore this almost everyday for school because they are so comfortable and they match anything. Mine definitely looks a lot worn out than this one right now. My shoes are something that I think take for granted because if I like a pair, I would wear them out to the point that I can't use them anymore. Not a good practice, I know.
12. Favorite TV Show/Movie

Since I can't possible choose a favorite movie for this year (because I liked a lot of movies this 2012), I am choosing for this spot my favorite TV Show for this year which is...


I am a big fan of this show, and not just because of dashing Damon Salvatore but also because of hot hybrid Tyler Lockwood. Haha, kidding (a little bit!). Seriously, I like how the story develops. It always makes me think: "How are they going to develop this storyline further?" And just when I thought they have done everything there is to do with witches, werewolves, and vampires, they still manage to surprise me. Every season, more so, every episode, it gets more complex and thrilling. And that's the real reason why I like it ;)

13. Favorite book
Photo from Google Images

I am a fan of Murakami because for me, his imagination is commendable. I read this book February last year and I can say it's my favorite for the whole year because the story is unique, gripping, and surprisingly relatable. It's a different kind of love story and I could read it again and again... and again.

14. Food
Photo from

 I'm a dessert girl. I'm the type who'll eat dessert before the actual meal because I don't want the meal to make me feel full before I can savor my dessert. I'm weird like that. Last year, my addiction was Mochi Ice Creams! I love them, I do think they're expensive but I can't help my cravings!
15. Beverage
Photo from Mocktail Republic
 These are my favorite beverage of 2012! I keep coming back to Mezza Norte for these drinks.

16. Favorite song

This is another hard item for me but I guess I have to choose the song that best represents my fighting spirit circa 2012. I know this is an old song (not really released 2012) but it's my ultimate girl power anthem last year, haha.

There you go my 16 best of 2012! If you do this tag, please send me a link, I'd love to see yours :) 


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