Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Carrie Diaries Premieres

I have watched and watched and watched Sex and the City (Yes, again and again!) and I don't think I'll ever get tired of Carrie's voice-overs, outfits and perfect posse. Now, the CW is bringing us a new chance to look at Carrie Bradshaw: as a young teenager, going to high school in the 80s and having her first love. I actually have read the book, The Carrie Diaries way  and loved it. So I don't even really need to explain why I am looking forward to this show.

Playing the young Carrie is Anna Sophia Robb, who I agree is the best person for the job. I first loved her in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory then I saw Because of Winn Dixie and that's when I became a fan. Check this article about her on Teen Vogue!

Of course, Carrie cannot be spoken of without mentioning what she's wearing.
Hailing a cab like a true New Yorker 

The Carrie Bradshaw we know is never without an entertaining posse.
Meet Walt, Maggie, and Mouse.
Dressed for a night out

We also get to see Carrie take her first steps in the fields of love.
Here's Carrie with dreamy Sebastian Kidd. (More importantly, check out her bag!)
What is high school without mean girls?
Meet Donna.
It's exciting to see Carrie as a young high school student, making sense of the world of fashion, relationships and New York! I have known and loved Carrie Bradshaw the 30-something New York Star Columnist, Manhattan girl, Manolo lover... I can't wait to know Carrie Bradshaw young, naive, and meeting Manhattan for the first time.

Every inch true Carrie Bradshaw

Have you watched the first episode? What do you think? No spoilers though! I'll only be able to watch it this weekend. I'm packed with school works, huhu. 

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